Government Internship Sponsors

More Than A Grad recruits and trains students for scholar programs, research opportunities, and other government internships. We work with federal, state and local government agencies and offices to place students in executive, judicial, and legislative branches. A diverse population of students from all disciplines apply through the online portal, where their profiles are analyzed for academic achievements and interests, educational achievements and goals, and career interests and objectives. Internship sponsors then receive a pool of candidates whose profiles match current government internship opportunities. More Than A Grad aims to assist government partners in identifying diverse candidates and leveraging new and existing internship programs for long-term impact.

In addition to recruiting students for internships, More Than A Grad provides modular training and tools to meet your agency or office needs. A variety of diversity certifications are available for internship mentor-supervisors, staff, and your other members of your organization.

*All trainings are available in on-demand virtual, live virtual, and face-to-face modalities.

Intern Recruitment and Training

Intern Recruitment

More Than A Grad specializes in recruiting diverse students attending 2-yr and 4-yr Hispanic Serving Institutions, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges, and Minority Serving Institutions into government internships.

Intern Training

Workplace training for student interns engages time management, data privacy, information security, career preparation, multicultural awareness, and specialized professional training. This training can be tailored to the needs of your workplace or organization.

Internship Sponsor Training

Inclusion Training

Inclusion training utilizes existing tools for guiding internship supervisors and managers to promote workplace psychological safety. The skills developed through this process improve work team performance and increase productivity while creating inclusive spaces for all team members.

Discrimination Training

Discrimination training utilizes tools to guide internship supervisors in identifying and addressing bias, microaggression, and discrimination in the workplace. This training will also guide supervisors in preventing discrimination and harassment.

Bias Recognition Training

Bias recognition training takes a deeper look at bias, utilizing existing tools for examining subconscious responses and behaviors when encountering different types of people. Our intrinsic flight or fight responses can play a significant role in bias. This training provides tools for recognizing and mitigating bias.

Anti-racism Training

Anti-racism training utilizes tools for identifying and eliminating structural racism through analyzing policies, practices, and systems that oppress minoritized or marginalized communities. Many policies, intentionally or unintentionally, create barriers for our more marginalized communities. Anti-racist practices eliminate these barriers.

Mentor Training

Mentor training provides tools and training for supervisors and managers to enter into an effective mentoring agreement with interns. These tools assist the supervisor in planning the internship, working with the intern to develop an individual development plan, track progress on this plan, and conduct a mid-term and final assessment of the relationship from the perspectives of the interns and mentor-supervisors.

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